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    Driven by a desire to capture moments that reflects my deep interest in the world, its people, music, and the abundant of creative and meaningful stories around us. I am passionate about producing useful, creative, authentic, digital contents for my clients. Some of my clients include the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Disabled Veteran Business Alliance, Renteria Winery, Heritage Sotheby's International Realty, National Language Service Corp, Tesla Tour & Transportation...


    Please enjoy a glimpse of my inspirations in the "Highlights" and "Gallery" section and be sure to drop me a line or two if you would like to book a shoot. If you are looking to purchase digital copies, please feel free to contact me as well.





    Please enjoy these photos.

    Clarion Alley

    In the silence of the night

    A homeless man pushing his shopping cart down Clarion Alley, breaking the silence of the

    night with the squeaky sound of the wheels.

    A new day


    The sun is rising while traffic is growing heavier and heavier, marking a new day

    for commuters in Southern California.

    San Francisco, CA

    SF by night

    A night view of San Francisco after sunset. To the left is the Bay Bridge, connecting

    San Francisco to other Northern California cities such as Oakland, Emeryville...

    The Flag

    Through the years

    Through the years, the red, white, and blue never faded. I am proud to have served for this flag and for the people of this great nation.

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